During my internship at kpot I got to help out with the webdesign for local veterinarian Boozoo. The final result ended up being a 50/50 mix of both mine and a fulltime designer's work.

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After working on this project for a while, I was trusted with holding a meeting between the client, a copywriter and myself where we figured out the tone of voice and the actual text that would fill the pages.

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The colors, typography choices and overal style were already determined when I was assigned to the project. It's fun to let your imagination run wild when coming up with a new design, but I considered this a fun exercise in working within set boundaries.

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We regularly iterated on the design and swiftly handled any feedback the client had. Luckily, we managed to finish it before my internship was over. Of course, the whole thing still had to be developed, but I was glad I got to see at least part of a big project through from start to finish.