The Dinoshow

The Dinoshow was the grand finale to a yearlong internship (sort of) at Designosource. A fellow student and I built this website to allow people to sign up for the big day.

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Dinoshow header

Designosource is a practice web agency within Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More. Every year a group of about ten third year students apply and hope to get selected by the teachers. If you make the selection, you get to spend your third year working in teams for real clients.

Dinoshow signup form

The form itself was the part I put most of my work into, both on the frontend and backend side. The students in this collective are known as dinos, so we thought populating the grid with images of both the students and actual dinosaurs would be a fun play on the classic "select all images containing ..." captcha formula.

We did take the user experience into consideration and allowed you to pass the check despite what you selected in the captcha. Avoiding frustration and actually getting people to sign up definitely took priority over testing people's intelligence in this case.

Dinoshow program

The design was made by another student as well, nicely reflecting the values we set as a team at the beginning of the year. A clean and modern look with a vibrant and youthful twist was at the core of every piece of our branding, from imagery to copywriting.

Dinoshow footer

Combined with the posts on our socials, the page ended up being very helpful with getting the word out about the upcoming show. About a hundred people signed up and the whole thing turned out to be a huge success, which was a nice cherry on top of an already great final year of my education.