Fiktif is a conceptual tool for a futuristic technology that would enable young adults to use "holographic fashion" and allow them to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. With this premise in mind, I got to work on a branding.

Fiktif moodboard Fiktif logos

It started out as an idea based on the hologram technology seen in Blade Runner 2049 which immediately made me think of the classic neon ad filled streets of big cities like Tokyo or Seoul at night.

I wanted to craft a logo that could incorporate these eastern influences while still keeping it minimal. After playing around with the letters that make up the brand name, I happily settled on a longer and more narrow design that reminded me of Japanese nobori banners.

Fiktif font Fiktif colors

Once I set the tone with the logo, everything started to come together. The target audience, the futuristic aspect and the general vibe were all falling into place like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces. I complemented it all with some slick typography choices and a few primary and secondary colors that underlined the bright and vibrant aesthetic.

Fiktif mockups

To wrap it up, I made a few mockups of what the packaging could look like for any additional products the brand could sell, both as a package shipped to your door and as an in-store bag.