The Lost Cards

After learning React on my own, I wanted to apply my newly acquired skills in this passion project inspired by Marvel Snap where anyone can create a card of their favorite hero or villain and add it to this colllection of so called "Lost Cards".

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Lost Cards card example

If you're anything like me and you've played Marvel Snap, you might have felt like some characters were missing. Sure, all the big hitters are there like Iron Man and Captain America, but the little guys are nowhere to be found.

Maybe you wanted to give them a chance to shine or maybe you felt like the artwork on the card just didn't do the character justice. If you recognised yourself in any of the above, then this was made for you!

Lost Cards collection overview

After looking through existing creations from other fans like yourself, you can head to the creator and craft a new card with control over every one of its aspects, from cost to quality.

The preview window on the side updates dynamically as you enter new information and allows you to see the final result before committing fully. Once you're happy with your creation, you can submit it to the collection and instantly make it available for everyone to see.

Lost Cards creator overview

By default you see the most recent creations first, but you can always sort the entire collection by power or cost if you're curious about how your card stacks up to those made by others.