At my summer job with Open Summer of Code I was responsible for the design of the mobile platform of our project for Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer. Our subteam's goal was to design an app that could be used to improve several aspects around road signage issues.

Check it out on Figma
Roadbase example screens

The example scenario in this prototype has been designed from the point of view of an everyday citizen, but the idea is that road managers and policy makers could also use the same app. Based on who you'd be signed in as, different tools would be available which are useful for different roles.

For example, the primary functionality for citizens is reporting problems with road signage, while policy makers would have the option to plan future road work using an interactive map.

Roadbase example screens

On top of designing the mobile platform I also handled all client communication for our subteam of four people. At the end of this month-long endeavor my final e-mail consisted of a big thank you for the opportunity to work on a real world project and a prerecorded tutorial video for our part of Roadbase.